Why fat chicks aren’t ruining the dating scene, it’s the men that root them.

Fat chicks aren’t ruining the dating scene, it’s the men that root them. This at first might sound like a pretty absurd and bold statement but let me elaborate.
These days there are a lot of desperate blokes, I see tons of guys that would be considered average looking, even above average looking and well built fellers holding hands and walking around shamelessly with below average looking fat chicks in public. To me they have no self respect, no pride or have simply have given up on trying to find a healthy weighted woman. They just want a companion and a woman to have sex with.

The other scenario which is I consider as the most tragic is that she was slim and of healthy weight when they got together, a good looking woman. He got her pregnant, she had kids but knows he is a great father, adores his children and she can now just let herself go. She knows he will hang around as he is a devoted father, she can ditch the gym, smash junk food, pile on the weight and give up on maintaining her figure.

Then there is the possible circumstance that he has a fetish for fat chicks, which is fine, each to their own, but I seriously doubt that most of these guys banging these obese women have fetishes for fat chicks. I bet most would prefer to be dating or be married to a the same woman in an non-obese state. Even if he is in love with the woman “inside” and the women inside of all those layers of fat. If they were able to have the slimmer and healthier version of her I am sure they would.

Then there are the average looking guys that are dating or are married to below average looking and fat woman because of the chain reaction of what I am about to explain.

So how do guys banging fat chicks ruin the dating scene and why is it not fat chicks that are ruining the dating scene?

Well men are ruining the dating scene because they are simply lowing their standards and lowing their bar by rooting fat chicks.  This in turn allows women to raise their standards and raise their bar. They know they don’t have to lose weight to get sex from a guy more attractive than them. They can smash burgers, pizza, KFC and devour all the junk food they want and wash it down with gallons of soft drink. They can easily find a guy more attractive than them and get their whisker split. They can stuff their fat faces with chocolate and cake, grow a pair of tits on their back, be lazy, not exercise and they can still get laid by someone more attractive than them. And this has a chain reaction across the entire dating scene.

Because so many men have lowered the bar and are now dating and rooting fat chicks, all women can now raise the bar.  An average looking girl, a 5/10 girl, regardless of weight can now target 7/10 blokes. A 7/10 bloke, which would be considered handsome is now finding it difficult getting a date with a girl as attractive as him and has to settle for a 5/10. The scales and ratio is all messed up.

So how do we fix the dating scene?
STOP! Stop rooting fat chicks!

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