The Nuremberg Code | Mandated Vaccines | Coercion is not Consent!

I gave up on my blog over 10 years ago, something that I wish I never did. However I was getting threats against me and my family and I pulled the pin.
This blog was outranking all the major news websites. My SEO guys couldn’t believe that The Age, The Courier Mail, The Herald and all the big MSM sat under me when I posted an article on the same topic they did. It was great.

But once I started publishing posts on the mass immigration policy of Australia, and started publishing statistics on crime, unemployment, prison population breakdowns by race, and exposed certain races that were overrepresented in crime, the treats to my life started to come. So I pulled the pin.

Anyway. This COVID bullshit has forced me to start writing again. There is just way to much propaganda and freedom of speech is being stripped from Australians. The fact checkers on social media that are spreading untruths. Google, Facebook, have turned on the people and are also part of this COVID agenda. The division, the fear, people that talk up are silenced and their reputations destroyed. Unless you’re for COVID vaccines, you are then labelled an anti-vaxxer, even if you have had every other vaccine and you’re just concerned about the safety of these vaccines. Yep, your an conspiracy theorist if you think that these rushed through cell editing mRNA vaccines are not 100% safe and effective.

Well fuck every one of you cocksuckers that label people antivaxxers for simply having health concerns. Guess what, a friend of mine, healthy, 45 yo dead 3 days after the clot shot, massive heart attack. My mates mum, massive clots in her heart, 3 times she has had her chest opened up and undergone emergency heart surgery. All started 3 days after the clot shot.

Listen to the nurses, they saying healthy young adults are calling the hospitals in the masses every day with chest pains. All recently jabbed and experiencing blood clots.
No wonder people are fearful of the jabs. The ones that aren’t are most likely the ones that watch Sunrise, Today, The Project, MSM news and believe every word published on fact checkers websites Health Feedback, AP News, PolitiFact, FullFact, and Reuters.

They say that only one person has died from a COVID vaccine adverse effect in Australia. That is bullshit. There are over 500 people in Australia that have died from the shot in Australia. You can see for yourself here.

If they are effective then why do you have to be double jabbed to enter Queensland? Why do you need to be double jabbed to enter bars, sporting events, music festivals if the vaccinated are protected and the vaccines are doing their job?

Doesn’t make sense. If the vaccines work, then there should be no reason why the unvaccinated can’t enter bars, clubs and do all the things the “privileged vaccinated” can. They are protected after all aren’t they?  The Nuremberg Code which Australia is a signatory of protects its citizens from forced medical experimentation and any medical experiment on a citizen must be consented. These vaccines are still in an experimental stage. No-one knows what side effects could arise in the next few years. The government know it’s illegal to mandate vaccines, so the sneaky motherfuckers force your employer to mandate the vaccine with the threat of losing your job if you don’t. This is a form of coercion and coercion is not consent!

The Nuremberg Code demands voluntary consent of participants in medical experiments. It forbids duress, overreach and coercion to obtain such consent. Everything the government has done is in breach of this code.
Fact checkers come up with shit like this “People receiving the COVID-19 vaccines at this point are not taking part in a medical experiment, because the vaccines already have gone through clinical trials and have received emergency approval. And so the Nuremberg Code does not apply.” Well this is incorrect. Pfizer are in stage 3 of their trial and the trial does not end until May 2, 2023. Read it here on their website. How these cock sucking fact checkers can say these vaccines have completed the trial process, when the vaccine manufacturers websites state otherwise and that they are still in a trial process.

The definition of experiment is: a scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.
These vaccines are still in an experimental stage, the trials have not ended and the long term side effects are unknown. They are only approved for emergency use. Anyone that gets the jab is part of the experiment.

Thank fuck I am self employed, because if I was working for someone and they said, no jab no job, I would cave their head in on the way out the door.

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