Gold Coast Show a Rip-Off!

What a rip off the Gold Coast show was, advertised as a great event for the whole family.. Ah I don’t think so, maybe if you have money to burn and can just afford to torch money. $6 for a cob of corn on a stick, $16 for a little ride with my daughter that was over in less than 3 mins… wtf! All the rides and all the food was so overpriced that the people operating these stalls should had been wearing balaclavas.  Maybe wack you around the back of the head as well for good measure, just so you got that proper experience of being robbed  .. Such a shame that greed has gotten so bad in this country that most kids will now never be able to have a childhood like us 70’s kids had.. All day at the show, arms full of show bags, a ton of rides and be able to afford to stay all day to see the fireworks.

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