Child alienation should be a criminal offence

There are so many devoted and loving dads in Australia but tragically thousands of them are denied regular contact with their children because of scorned and evil mothers. Australia would have to be one of the worst countries for child alienation, Aussie women can be as nasty as they get and the broken and bias Australian family law system that sides with mothers is more concerned about making money than operating in the best interests of the children and makes it’s easier for them to get away with it.

Scorned, evil and bitter mothers that do all they can to torture the father, use the kids as weapons and do everything they possibly can to minimise the time the children spend with their dads are the spawn of Satan. These women are sick and demented and should be charged with not only child abuse, but charged for the torture of these devoted and caring fathers for denying them access to their children.

Sure there is the exception where dad is not the ideal father but this isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about great men, great dads, rock solid blokes that love their kids more than life itself and would do anything for their kids.

They say there is nothing more evil than a woman scorned and I agree 100%. For a mother to deny a good father quality and regular time with the children because of her own bitterness is one of the lowest and cruellest acts imaginable. They are pure evil. We have over 21 fathers a week in Australia taking their own lives because of child alienation and it’s an absolute atrocity. Its murder in my eyes, these evil bitches may not be holding a smoking gun, but their actions are the cause and they are indirectly responsible for the deaths of these fathers. These fathers are heartbroken, many turn to the bottle, develop depression, they stop looking after themselves, their health writhes, they suffer immensely and this is just what these sick women want, this is their goal.  All these fathers want is to see their kids, spend time with their kids, love them, play the role of a parent and be an active part of their lives.

These evil bitches will even stoop as low as to make false claims of domestic violence to keep the kids from having a relationship with their father and thanks to Julia Gillard, these scorned and evil bitches can lie and make up stories and escape charges of perjury.

There is no need of proof, they can say that the father abused her and he is instantly guilty. He has to then spend thousands of dollars and years in the family court to try and prove his innocence. It’s bullshit. The women gets legal aid and doesn’t have to spend a cent, she gets to keep the kids under her roof during the court process, she has plenty of time to smear the dad in front of the kids, brainwash them into believing that dad is a deadbeat and a loser and do whatever she can to turn them against him. The fucked over dad that has most likely lost nearly everything in the separation loses what is left in legal fees, and thanks to the drawn out legal process his relationship with the kids is sometimes damaged almost beyond repair.

Buy hey; it’s a win for her, the lawyers and courts get paid, it’s a win for them too. Under our current broken family law system that is all what matters. No-one gives a fuck about dad and no-one seems to care that these kids don’t have a father in their lives, even if he is a great one.

What these demented and evil mothers don’t realise is that by torturing and killing good fathers, they are also mentally harming their own children. But then again they probably do but they just don’t give a fuck. Their frenzied determination to hurt the father as much as she can is all she cares about.

If you are one of those evil bitches and because of your own bitterness, the fact that you are scorned, jealous or hate the fact that he has moved on, he may be banging a hotter and younger woman than you, he is going away overseas on holidays, or whatever the fuck it is that makes you hate the kids father that much that you will alienate the kids from spending time with him and you know he is a good dad and the kids love him but are torturing him to satisfy your sick and twisted needs, pull your head and be a decent person. You’re actions are damaging not just the father but also the kids. Kids need a dad as much as they need a mum. If he is a good dad, then don’t let your own bitterness stop the kids from having him in their lives. Having a good dad in their life will make them a better child, a happier child and they will grow up to be a better adult by having him in their life. You have seen girls with “daddy issues”, doing drugs, teen pregnancy, underage sex and having multiple sexual partners, going off the rails, self harming and uncontrollable. Young men that can’t change a car tyre or do anything “manly” because they have never had a dad in their life to teach them things and pass on skills he has picked up over the years. This is how the kids could quite easily turn out by not having an active father in their lives. But because you are most likely also a narcissist you will make yourself believe its all the fathers fault and blame him to make yourself feel better and that you are not responsible. You will trick yourself into believing the fact that you alienated the children from their fathers had nothing to do with how the kids turned out when in reality, your sick and demented actions had everything to do with it.


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